No Sweat wristband, 1911-o



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Sweat is distracting. There's no other way to put it. It gets in your eyes, trickles down in areas that make you uncomfortable, it reminds you that it's there when you're attempting to focus on training or playing. Help defeat the sweat with these traditional terry cloth sweat bands.

Without needing to take a break and grab a towel, you can quickly whisk away the moisture with one "flick of the wrist". Remind yourself who you represent and let others know too, because when they see those founding years.... those that know, know.

  • 100% soft & absorbant Terry Cloth.
  • High quality embroidery.
  • Extremely stretchy.
  • lightweight @ 0.7oz.
  • You get 1pc. each.
  • Hand wash cold.

Perfect for those debonair que dawg brothers of Omega Psi Phi who need a solution to keep their hair in place and sweat off their face when running, working out, spinning or taking fitness classes.

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