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OUR FITNESS PHILOSOPHY: "there's no such things as too many workout clothes!"
And we firmly believe looking good when getting-it-in is the only way you'll burn calories effectively. :-)

Don't forget Leg Day! And for those that understand this come to us for the dopest shorts to show off. Especially when it's too hot or you don't want any restrictions on your lower extremities. Just like everything else we carry, our active shorts are made to be comfy & durable and stitched to last through many high impact training sessions. 

  • sport shorts
  • Good For: Gym, Workouts, Casual.
  • Material: 65% Cotton, 35% Polyester
  • Care: Machine wash cold.
  • "Rough Cut" means this design features no lower hem. You can cut to a shorter length if you desire and over time the bottom will fray for that rough look.
  • Fits True to size.
  • Shannon stands 6’2” tall, is currently @ 240 lbs with a 38 waist in pants and is wearing: XL.

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