My Motto joggers, S.I.Z.E.D.



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We don't do the frumpy old sweat pants from the 80's & 90's.... These gorgeous pieces are stylish with a modern tapered cut. Fit to the body, but still is that possible? We can't tell you all that! :-) Just know you'll absolutely LOVE how these feel on your legs. Drawstring action with 2 front pockets to hold your cellphone and keys. You can pair these with your Jordans and a comfy sweatshirt to be the ultimate around-the-way-girl cute.

  • 90% Cotton & 10% Polyester blend.
  • S/M: pants size 0-6
  • L/XL: pants size 7-12
  • Model stands 5'4" tall @ 112 lbs and is wearing size: small/medium.
  • Hand wash cold, hang dry.

All real Deltas understand the meaning of: "SORORS, INVIGORATED, ZEALOUS, ENERGIZED & DETERMINED"

Perfect for the devastating divas of Delta Sigma Theta who love Lounging, Fitness, Gym, Working Out, Active & Healthy Lifestyle and Casual wear.

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