Digital Toasty Fingers gloves, unisex cream


Size Guide

Split between smaller womens hands and larger mens hands, these gloves are designed and sized to fit pretty much everyone.

Mother nature does not care that you're cold. She has a job to do and nothing is going to stop her. However, don't let her occupation stop you from handling your business either. Protect your chilly fingers from the cold elements when out running or training outdoors during cold weather. Unlike big heavy gloves, these warmers are perfect for your hands and you'll soon forget that you're wearing them.

SPECIAL FEATURE: These gloves do not have to come off when operating your smartphone. The specialized fingertips allow you to swipe your screen as you normally do while keeping your fingers inside the gloves and protected from the cold.

  • Stretchy.
  • Thin & Warm.
  • You get 1 pair.
  • Hand wash cold.
  • Fits Small women's thru Extra Large men's hands.
  • Stretchy
  • Long finger friendly.

Perfect for anybody who often runs or does workouts in cold weather and needs help in keeping their hands warm.


Size Chart