CBD For The Active Lifestyle: Post Workout Recovery

It's time for a CBD brand developed by, and for, athletes with portable packaging, simple potency information, and formulas created to provide relief wherever they are, when they need it. MAKA is grown in the storied hemp fields of Colorado's Western Slope by local farmers using organic farming practices and sustainable ethos. Every MAKA product is designed and formulated by a team of scientists, longtime hemp farmers, and fitness professionals with deep experience in CBD, terpenes, hemp, and more. 

MAKA is CBD without the fluff and false promises. MAKA CBD is made with certified full-spectrum hemp extract oil, and products are lab-tested to ensure purity, potency, and consistent concentration.

MAKA is designed for, and by, lifetime athletes who live active lifestyles. MAKA's delivery systems are pure, potent, and packable. MAKA products contain substantial amounts of phytochemicals, cannabinoids, and terpenes found only in hemp plants grown on the Western Slopes of Colorado. 

With MAKA, people know the actual concentration of CBD because MAKA uses a simple "potency" system so users know how much is in every dose.

"It was important for us to take the right amount of time in product development to find the right formulas and delivery systems for active lifestyles. This meant regularly getting out of the lab and into the community, on hikes, runs, into the powder and into yoga and HIIT classes to try our products in people's hands before we launched," said Jeffrey Moore, MAKA CEO. "Racing to get a product into the hot CBD market wasn't our approach. Instead, we were committed to bringing something better, in every way, into the market."

MAKA relies on its local, organic farming partners, lab-and-life tested formulations, next-generation manufacturing in the USA, and the most trustworthy third-party testing available to create this lineup with active lifestyles in mind.


Have you tried the CBD wave workout gurus??

Maybe its Time!